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A classic 1/4 zip sweatshirt jumper with an active adventurous feel our Caddis 1/4 zip sweatshirt is great to give your outfit a boost. Featuring practical full zip pockets contrasting trims and made of organic cotton this 1/4 zip jumper is a must have item in your wardrobe.Fleece lined collar and cuffsReverse weave side pocketsFour zipped pocketsContains organic cotton and recycled polyesterFinished with plenty of handy pockets fleece lined collar and cuffs and contour stitching for a rugged appearance you’ll enjoy this 1/4 zip jumper for years to come!The choice to pick an organic cotton item of clothing is an easy one when you know there are no toxic chemicals used to grow the cotton. It doesn’t damage the soil and uses 88% less water than regular cotton and 62% less energy so you can look and feel great knowing you’re doing good for the planet.We love clothes and fabrics that do good recycled polyester is making waves as it is turning pre-existing plastics such as that water bottle you used at a festival a life time ago into your new Weird Fish favourite. Like traditional polyester recycled polyester is a man-made fabric produced from synthetic fibers. However instead of utilizing new materials to craft the fabric (i.e. petroleum) recycled polyester makes use of existing plastic. In many cases those existing plastics are your old water bottles. Recycled polyester also known as recycled polyethylene terephthalate or rPET for short has a smaller carbon footprint than its virgin counterpart. There are two main advantages to this process: Using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as the raw material for our fabric needs. Diverting PET bottles for this process reduces landfill and thus less soil contamination air and water pollution.Fabric Contents May Vary86% Organic Cotton 14% Recycled Polyester30° Machine Wash

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